Your Success Starts Here

Collaborating with top suppliers to deliver our clients superior value.

To ensure that the interaction with our clients is efficient and productive, we provide suppliers with tools designed to improve collaboration and communication and enable faster decision-making.

Simplifying the way business works:

Our online event process offers a simple and convenient way to bring your services to the attention of our exclusive client base.


Does it cost anything to Register or Participate?

Absolutely not. AIQ works exclusively for our Clients. We do not receive or accept compensation from participating suppliers. i.e., no kickbacks, no commissions, no fees. 

Who is AIQ Marketplace?

AIQ Marketplace is an organization within our company whose objective is to help suppliers bring forward their very best offers and help them succeed.

How Does AIQ Fit into the Picture?

AIQ represents our clients. AIQ makes sure that all suppliers have an opportunity to use AIQ’s platform and process to make sure that our client understands their value-add.

Participants can expect to be treated fairly. AIQ’s system reviews all supplier’s responses in the same manner. It objectively evaluates them, ranks them, and ultimately the client makes the decision as to who to award the business to. 

AIQ clients tend to select the suppliers that demonstrate the best alignment with the client’s business goals and needs; the AIQ platform will help you do that. The platform is an analytic lens through which clients can better understand the supplier’s offer. If you have the best solution, our system will float it to the top, and you’ll get consideration where otherwise you may not even be known. 

What Happens When I Register?

By registering with AIQ, you and your company will be added to our database of potential participants. When one of our clients addresses a category that is a possible fit for your services , the AIQ Marketplace team will add you to the list of suppliers shared with AIQ’s Client. Our client then selects from that list which suppliers they would like to invite. You will then be invited to participate.

    What happens when I am invited to an Online Event?

    When you are invited, you will be provided equal access to all data shared with participating suppliers. Surveys, Bid items, an interactive forum to ask questions about the event, and real-time feedback/ranking on your performance against other participants on individual bid items. Suppliers are treated fairly, and supplier responses will only be reviewed by AIQ and their Client and will NOT be visible or shared with any other participating suppliers.

    What is expected of me, and what is the Typical Timeframe for an Online Event?

    Within the process, we have a mutual non-disclosure agreement that covers AIQ, our client, and the service provider. It goes over the communication requirements, including an agreement that any information disclosed in the event will be kept private and confidential.

    There is a component that will provide a high-level overview of the client and a brief description of the project. Additionally, there is a section for you to complete about your team and company metrics to help your company stand out against competitors. There is also a component that will contain questions critical to the client about terms, conditions, performance, attributes, and/or performance characteristics that you will compete on. Lastly, there is a pricing/bid component of the online event, where you can submit your proposed pricing and receive feedback.

    All the bidding activity will take place online on the AIQ platform. Depending on the type of services being bid the event will be open for suppliers to respond between one to three weeks. Once the event is closed, the event results are presented to AIQs clients for their review. AIQ s clients then go through their internal processes to decide how they wish to award the business. AIQ provides support until contract completion and when the project concludes and closes out the projects with all participating suppliers.

    What are the benefits of participating?

    You will be treated fairly. You will be provided prompt feedback. Our online platform makes it easy for you to collaborate with your colleagues to bring forth a winning bid. We create demand sets for your clients focused only on the key, decision-making issues, so you will only be responding to issues that are important to our clients. Most of our questions are multiple-choice and checkboxes so you won’t have to create a lot of new content in order to respond. Our system looks at the suppliers and objectively evaluates them, ranks them, and then the client makes the decision. 

    No cost way for you to increase your revenue with other Customers

    As you know, it’s almost impossible for you, as a supplier, to discover 100% of your customer’s consumption of services and potential spend with you. It’s also challenging to be heard and seen by prospects where you don’t yet have a relationship. By referring your customer or prospect to AIQ, AIQ can inventory and extend all of their consumption and make it visible to you. This allows you an opportunity to address more of your customers’ and prospects’ spend, and potentially increase revenue! 

    Contact AIQ Marketplace if you have any Other Questions:

    Should you have any further questions or would like to learn more about AuctionIQ, please contact