For over 20 years, the AIQ team has helped clients increase their enterprise value and operating cash by materially reducing IT costs. AIQ is backed by Boston-based private equity firm Copley Equity Partners. AIQ specializes in creating industry-leading savings of technology-centric IT services in over a hundred categories, such as cloud, SaaS, digitization, and big data, through the application of its unique tools, expertise, and business processes. Its patented technology and business process platform ensures maximum savings for clients, while measurably improving quality and service levels from IT suppliers.


Established in 2012, Copley is a private investment firm with offices in Denver and Boston. Copley partners with growing, lower-middle market private companies. The firm invests out of an evergreen, single-family office capital base and is comfortable in both majority and minority ownership positions. Copley’s patient and flexible capital base allows the firm to provide each portfolio company significant support post investment. www.copleyequity.com


AIQ helps replace doubt with certainty by reducing risks involving security; risks of paying too much; and risks which arise from operating inefficient and hard to manage networks.

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AIQ helps replace doubt with certainty by reducing risks involving security; risks of paying too much; and risks which arise from operating inefficient and hard to manage networks.

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Our consultants are focused on increasing our client’s leverage and maximizing the competition to deliver quick and meaningful results.


We establish an invaluable relationship with our clients that provides compelling, mutually profitable, and otherwise unobtainable results.

We Get IT

As one client told us, “IT and Telecom departments plan their strategies on a calendar, but upper management measures timelines with a stopwatch.”


IT Categories AIQ covers


AIQ helps clients perform complex telecommunications network analysis & IT Services, inventories and contract negotiations. As a result, Clients better understand their network & IT Service costs and inventory so they can more effectively manage the cost. For 30 years, AIQ has provided the “IQ” necessary for Fortune 500 companies and other global enterprises to improve their security while increasing their internal rate of return while liberating capital. Clients use the resulting savings to fund improved services and infrastructure then return increased profits to the business.

AIQ has advised clients in global sourcing, development, and design projects, working with teams composed of executives, legal, professional and technical experts. In this role AIQ makes domestic and global in-country sourcing and cost reduction easy for the client, while typically producing savings of around 50%.

Step 1
Discovery & Analysis

Our clients have the unique opportunity to purchase precisely what they desire from the suppliers of their choice, all at the most favorable market rates. The cost savings generated by this project will empower our customers to preserve their valuable personnel, boost company profits, and allocate budgetary resources for departments to acquire new goods or services.

Step 2
Strategy & Prediction
For businesses strategically invested in purchasing essential products and services to drive their success, our top-tier consulting and business processes stand out. Designed for those aiming to optimize profitability and enhance cash flow for sustained growth, our solutions consistently yield results that elevate shareholder value and operational agility. With our approach, you can achieve these advancements without compromising staff numbers or service quality to your clients. Leveraging our distinctive business processes, coupled with over 30 years of client-centric consulting expertise, we are committed to propelling your business to new heights.
Step 3
Delivering Results
For tech-dependent companies seeking to enhance EBITDA or allocate funds for additional investments, our distinctive business process offers a tailored solution. Through its application, enterprises and investors can realize a notable 2-10% improvement in EBITDA, leading to a substantial increase in overall enterprise (portfolio) value.

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