AIQ History

Since the beginning, AIQ consultants have been raising expectations of its clients and delivering with alacrity. At a time in history when the world was using other consultants who were manually crunching the numbers on paper, AIQ consultants were dedicated to automation and innovation. While others were manually cranking through paper and word based RFPs with the fewest bidders possible, AIQ consultants were running global multi-service online auctions with dozens of bidding entities providing real-time analytics to both clients and bidders. They have been a real game changer. The world is now accessible to AIQ clients because AIQ consultants operate globally, using all forms of automation.

ART: From Telecom to Corporate Networks

Established on February 22, 1985, in Tarzana, California, Applied Research Technologies, Inc. (ART) was conceived by Brad Buxton, a seasoned professional with a rich background. Formerly a manager at Sprint in San Francisco, Buxton co-founded National Telecom (now TelAmerica) and later became Allnet's youngest branch manager when it was the nation's 4th largest long-distance provider. His journey continued at Ford Aerospace, where he contributed to the Starnet network, followed by roles at GTE and Sprint in their Burlingame Headquarters, San Francisco.

Buxton's expertise extended to WAN design and recommendations for prominent consulting firms. Initially, ART directed its focus towards the design and optimization of large domestic corporate voice networks. The inaugural network optimizations undertaken by ART were for Caesar's World in Las Vegas and the Mann Theatre Corporation in Los Angeles.

ART Moves HQ to Salt Lake City
In a significant move, ART shifted its headquarters from California to Salt Lake City, emphasizing its key strengths in telecommunications network consulting, design, and analysis.
ART Sets Platinum Standard for Netscape RFP
ART revolutionized the procurement landscape by pioneering the inaugural Internet-based Request for Proposal (RFP) for Netscape, igniting a global sensation with its cutting-edge automated technology. In that groundbreaking year, Ken Dacus, Netscape Global Network Architect, hailed ART as the "Platinum Standard" by which all others should be judged.
Prestigious ART Clients in Retrospect
Prominent ART clientele encompasses industry leaders such as Oracle, Silicon Graphics, Genentech, Johnny Carson, Autodesk, and Charles Schwab.
ARTools: Transforming Processes and Deliverables

ART revolutionized its operations by introducing a distinctive suite of web-based RFP, TEM, and Optimization applications. Coined by clients and embraced as "ARTools," these innovations seamlessly automated processes and transformed deliverables into a more dynamic and efficient format.

Past Acquisitions: Apple, IBM, Seagate, Sun, Yahoo!
Among our acquired clientele, we proudly count renowned names like Apple Computer, IBM, Applied Materials, Seagate, Sun Microsystems, and Yahoo!
Secured AMD, Intel, Fortune 5 Presence
Our prestigious client roster steadily expands with notable additions, encompassing industry leaders such as AMD, Hitachi, Intel, Bechtel Corporation, ChevronTexaco Corporation, ConocoPhillips, Nordstrom, REI, Alaska Airlines, Midwest Airlines, and Safeco Corporation. Notably, our clientele now boasts six Fortune 100 companies, with a remarkable presence among the Fortune 5, including four of its top positions.
Innovative Onset: AIQ Secures US Patent

AuctionIQ (AIQ) was founded, heralding the beginning of a groundbreaking venture. Notably, AIQ achieved a significant milestone by receiving US patent #7412412, further solidifying its innovative presence.

Diversified Global Clientele: Achieving Excellence

The momentum of acquiring a diverse portfolio of large global clients persists. These companies exhibit a broad spectrum, ranging from 5,000 to 85,000 employees and annual sales spanning from $1.8 billion to $17.7 billion. The clientele spans various industry verticals, including:

  • Airlines
  • Energy, Gas & Oil
  • Exploration companies
  • Architecture, Engineering, and Construction
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Manufacturing – 
    • Industrial Machinery
    • Tires
    • Tools Electronics
    • IT Optical Networks
    • Medical Supplies
    • Insurance
  • Banking


AIQ Acquires Patent

AIQ remains dedicated to innovation, striving to optimize client satisfaction by enhancing savings, boosting EBITA, and fostering growth. Our unwavering commitment to investment and continuous development in the realms of business processes, machine learning, and AI has culminated in the prestigious recognition of our efforts. On April 13, 2021, AIQ was granted US Patent #10,979,315, titled "MACHINE LEARNING FEEDBACK LOOP FOR MAXIMIZING EFFICIENCY IN TRANSACTION FLOW." Notably, this marks the third process patent awarded to AIQ's founder and the inaugural recognition for some of AIQ's executive team inventor members.

Copley Equity Partners acquires AIQ
Established in 2012, Copley is a private investment firm with offices in Denver and Boston. Copley partners with growing, lower-middle market private companies. The firm invests out of an evergreen, single-family office capital base and is comfortable in both majority and minority ownership positions. Copley’s patient and flexible capital base allows the firm to provide each portfolio company significant support post investment.

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