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What AIQ Does

AIQ increases your profitability by saving money. 

This enables you to return investment to shareholders and create budget for further investment in the business.

AIQ analyzes all of your non-employee vendor expenses, then predicts and delivers hard dollar savings made available by applying its unique business process developed over 30+ years.

How AIQ Does It

AIQ reviews your financial data, then identifies categories where it may be effective in providing savings within a 5% range. AIQ then reviews your contracts and invoices and compares that information to its market data. AIQ then provides a savings estimate to within ½ of 1% accuracy along with actionable data that you then use to select the categories you want AIQ to work on.

Then AIQ applies its business process, analytics and decision support to deliver hard dollar savings.

What You Get Out of It

AIQ provides a fully managed process. In connection with the process, you provide access to data and make decisions. AIQ provides the rest. The result is fully audited implemented contracts between you and your suppliers that match the financial results predicted at the beginning of the process. Last year, AIQ clients saved an average of 44.6% on their expenses which were included in AIQ’s scope of work. This typically results in 100’s of thousands of dollars of savings for its smallest clients, and $3-5M in savings for its typical clients, of course, the largest companies save much more.

  • “AIQ helped us uncover and resolve a severe business continuity risk, and turned it into a million-dollar savings, plus created a global business expansion revenue stream opportunity. Thanks, AIQ!”
    Eric Porter
    VP Finance and Administration at DigiCert, Inc.
  • “We've appreciated and enjoyed working with AIQ and we are realizing some very significant savings in excess of 40%.”
    Robert T. Goates
    CFO at SolutionReach
  • “Over the years I have seen a lot of organizations claim huge savings on similar kinds of projects and frankly, I was skeptical. But AIQ really delivered measurable and demonstrable savings that had a great positive impact on our year-end goals.”
    Jennifer Tejada
    CEO at Keynote Systems
  • “Each time AIQ brings me $10 to $16 million in savings per year in different projects, it creates a huge opportunity. We free up money to fund the investments required for additional productivity initiatives.”
    CA Technologies

Meet Some of Our Clients

AuctionIQ (AIQ) has helped thousands of companies cut costs and streamline their business. Including more than 50% of Fortune 500 companies,

  • AIQ Clients - Amazon
  • AIQ helps Intel reduce IT expenses
  • AIQ helps Nordstrom cut IT expenses
  • Oracle is an AuctionIQ Client
  • REI cuts costs with AIQ
  • AIQ Client - ebay

Lower Cost. Faster Growth. AIQ.

Making money is great. Saving money amplifies your success. With our innovative processes and refined approach, AuctionIQ saves its clients an average of 44.6% on their service expenses.