We’ve been working on some new ideas that we share with our closest and most committed Clients. We look forward to sharing them with you. There is a lot of innovation going on that will fundamentally change, again, how our Clients procure services. This is because we continue to work to eclipse current practices with applied visions of our own. These are based on our storied past, which we developed over the many years of learning together with our Clients. We listened and understood their challenges and helped them through overcoming them. We applied new thought processes, technologies, and practices and produced something completely different, yet familiar.

This is part of the continued evolution that you have come to expect from us. We’ll help you move faster, sooner, and more profitably. Think of it as procurement and optimization v 2.0.

There exists an environment where service providers have successfully created oligopolies through decades of lobbying, legal action, social engineering, and ultimately by government fiat. They protect their margins earned at your expense through pricing obscurity and by adding perceived cachet to their product. Our goal is to help our Clients discover and apply the true market price of all dimensions of the services they require. Among other approaches we have developed, an optimally designed procurement methodology is an ideal vehicle to determine market. Think of it as a way to unravel the spaghetti of your expense, make it visible, true it to the real market, then buy it right and really understand it going forward.
AIQ auctions are high intensity marvels. 
AIQ auctions take place on a global basis.

When we designed the world’s first telecom auction on line, the service providers looked at us like we had three eyes. Now that the pioneering work is done, and auctions are commonplace, the opportunity is found in helping Clients apply best practices and mastery of techniques to produce the best outcomes of these now commonplace events.

AIQ auctions are high intensity marvels. AIQ auctions take place on a global basis. They make the real time juggling of hundreds of participants, collaboratively bidding across the globe in real time seem like child’s play. While bidders work in multiple currencies and languages on thousands of high-tech services and items, buyers, sellers, experts, and stakeholders all participate on secure internet-enabled, technology-based platforms. There is a level of expertise and simplification of the complex that is only available through AIQ.
There are a great number of auction platforms available, and each have their merits and limitations The singular differentiator of the success of the outcome is not to be found in the tool.
In the hands of a true master craftsman and creator, a hammer is a tool that can contribute to an exquisite piece of art and high function. In less trained hands, the same hammer might produce something useful. Ultimate economy and value, therefore, is the result of investment, experimentation, experience, and time.
Good tool providers abound. For example, companies like Ariba lead with a solid platform that is embraced by the broad market. That translates to staying power and uptime. Unfortunately, with the standardization of any tool, many pronounced limitations such as the lack of deep analytics create pronounced shortcomings. This tends to limit the economic success of the process, both in terms of time, as well as absolute financial performance. Fortunately, these types of gaps provide an optimal point of entry to apply AIQ expertise. In this capacity, we can help you squeeze the last 50% of the gain from your project which would otherwise be lost and for that matter, not even known.
Others, like Sorcity and Combinet’s expressive bidding system, even run commodity-based auctions for smaller enterprises, on a seller-paid basis. These feature even more limited capabilities, but depending on your situation, some times its hard to beat “free.”
Auctioning has a global reach and a potentially vast market, and it is a very fast and efficient way to create markets and determine instant market value. However, the auctions themselves are generally not very efficient.
That is because their processes are generally inward looking, and built up over many years of tradition and approaches which have been proven to work for them. As a result, they get very good at understanding what they do themselves, but they generally don’t understand best practices. These may be learned by focusing on client’s and looking outward. They may be learned, used, and applied by studying other auctions, their pricing and service delivery models, and best practices as it applies outside of each auction’s closely held, proprietary world
That’s where AuctionIQ comes in.
There are a lot of choices and options. Outcomes can swing by well over 100% depending on how the process is designed, implemented, and managed.
Our talented team has over 30 continuous years of business, auction and technology experience. Multiplied by the years of experience of each of our individual team members, the amount of specialized subject matter expertise is staggering and unmatched anywhere.
We help you employ best practices learned from CEO’s, CIO’s, CFO’s and procurement teams of leaders of business. We apply these practices with a technological, financial, design, and process approach. As a result, as an AIQ Client, you reap significantly larger gains in profit, time to delivery, and competitive advantage.
Learn more by having a conversation with one of AuctionIQ’s experts. We’re available to discuss your particular situation and to share some of the most innovative yet proven ideas the market has ever experienced. You, too, could be delivering superior value and improvement for your organization by applying the added intelligence and information coveted by some of the world’s leading organizations.

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