Getting Started Videos 

Thank you for accessing AIQ’s “Getting Started” video support demonstrations. We suggest you begin with “First Time Logging In” followed by “How to Complete the GCs” and “My Team: Adding a Colleague” if applicable.

Each video demonstration has a summary associated with it outlining the key topics of each. If after reviewing any of the demonstrations, you have additional questions, please immediately reach out to the AIQ Marketplace team at to set up live instruction.

Logging in for the first time: What to do – 1:50

  • Email with login credential
  • Change generic password to your own
  • Change portal language
  • Disable pop-up blocker
  • Browser preference
  • Updating Contact Information
  • Updating Personal Settings

How to Complete the GCs and Scope Document 5:16

  • General Conditions in RFX Module
  • Scope Document in Auction Module
  • Where to access
  • How to accept

My Team – 00:45

  • Viewing participants from your team
  • How to add a colleague to project
  • Requesting credentials for a colleague