If you shipped the entire Library of Congress from Washington DC to Puerto Rico one time, via Federal Express, it would cost $7.512 Billion Dollars. The cost of shipping it across a typical Fortune 500 network would be $524,934.38.  If you used AIQ to source the network, your cost would have been a mere $262,467 (a 50.2% reduction in cost.)  
AIQ sourced enough network capacity for its clients in 2012 sufficient to ship the Library of Congress 409 times.   As compared to shipping it that many times via Federal Express, that would yield a cost savings of $300.4 Billion Dollars, or 99.64% Savings.  
So, Mr. CFO, the question is this:  Would you rather continue to invest in telecommunications infrastructure, or just keep doing things the old fashioned way?  How would you like to buy that infrastructure for half price? AuctionIQ saved its Fortune 500 clients an average of 50.2% on all of their global telecommunications expenses during 2012. 

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