Digital nomads, remote workers, and technology workers – for those who prefer the freedom and flexibility to work officeless, we totally support you. Through the pandemic, we have learned that this new way of working is most suitable for our employees, and we embrace and enable it. Many of our employees enjoy digital nomadism, or working while traveling to other parts of the country or the world. Some are now located in other countries, or in parts of the US that are not convenient to a commute. We think its good for our employees and their families, good for the planet, and good for our clients.

If you are looking for a change, or feel like you are being forced back into an unhealthy office or being threatened with a pay cut to continue to enjoy the new lifestyle you are embracing, please get in contact with AIQ. Our workplace is wherever you want it to be.

If you are ready for a fun and mutually supportive experience, where you are rewarded and recognized for taking risks, trying new things, innovating, and driving better outcomes, this could be the new “place” for you to call “home.” If you love making your commercial clients happy and exceeding expectations, you will be a great fit. We serve technology-enabled companies in their efforts to be more successful, to increase their enterprise value, and to grow. Things like automation, RPA, business process, analysis and problem solving are things we care deeply about. We work with top executives, (primarily CFO’s), board members, private equity companies, lawyers, procurement and technology experts. Many of our personnel are quite introverted, preferring to interact with machines and the network. That’s great by us. Others are energized by interacting with people – clients / suppliers/ and peers. We have a fit for that, too.

We no longer see clients in person, preferring, instead to work on the ‘net. So we won’t really ever ask you to travel, unless its for a fun company get together, unless that’s not your gig. In which case, that’s fine, too. We generally work normal office hours in US time zones, and evening and weekend work isn’t really our thing. Here’s your chance to gain that work-life balance that everyone has been talking about, but not really finding.

We are looking for self-starters with high initiative who can work independently and collaboratively. We provide the tools and support and flexibility you need to work remotely, so you can maintain and grow your livelihood while also maintaining your lifestyle. We’ve worked remotely from ships, motorhomes, in tents, RV’s, from ski resorts, national parks, while visiting family, taking trips and dreaming of our next destination. If you have dependents that need you to be available to look after them, or if you are just longing to get out there and see everything while you’re still able, we’re enthusiastically supportive of that.

It doesn’t matter where you are from or where or how you live. If you’ve got talent and drive, good access to the internet, like computers, have an analytic, curious, mind and a willing, friendly composure, we might be a good fit. A background in any combination of these things: technology / finance / networks / client service / consulting / procurement / management / leadership / development / SaaS / software, and all things digital may qualify you for the work. Check us out and get in touch!