AIQ Capabilities

Our 3 step process to reduce your ongoing costs of technology and services.

  1. Discovery & Analysis

    Our clients get to buy exactly what they want from the suppliers they select at the best possible market rates. The savings created by the project will allow our customer to retain more personnel; increase profits for the company; create budget for the departments to purchase new good or services.

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  2. Strategy & Prediction

    For companies that buy products and services critical to their business, who want to maximize profitability and cash flow to fund growth, our best-in-class consulting and business processes deliver results that increase shareholder value and operational flexibility, without reducing headcount or reducing service to your clients, our unique business processes combined with our 30+ years of client-focused consulting will drive your business to the next level.

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  3. Delivering Results

    For companies that rely on technology, who need to improve EBITDA or fund other investments, our Unique business process may be applied, so that the enterprise and its investors may achieve a 2-10% EBITDA improvement, dramatically increasing enterprise (portfolio) value.  

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