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For companies that rely on technology, who need to improve EBITDA or fund other investments, our Unique business process may be applied, so that the enterprise and its investors may achieve a 2-10% EBITDA improvement, dramatically increasing enterprise (portfolio) value.  

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Competitive Bidding Process


  • End to End Auction Management Expertise
  • Online Tools and Process
  • Detailed Supplier Behavior Knowledge
  • Level Playing Field for Maximized Competition
  • Fast Results to Maximize Savings
  • IQSet: Pulled From Database and Customized for Clients
  • Technology / Service-Specific Questions
  • E-RFX Expertise: Like for Like, New, and/or Change of Technology


  • Customized Online Auction/RFX Platform
  • Private, Secure, Collaborative Project Website
  • All Online Platforms are Supported
  • Custom Portal for Data Organization
  • Custom Portal for Progress Tracking
  • E-RFX Content Development
  • Granular Bid Item Creation
  • Unlimited Number of Supplier Participants
  • Enforced Apples-to-Apples Competition
  • Real-Time Feedback to Suppliers
  • Real-Time Monitoring of Suppliers
  • Automated Reference Checking

Project Management

  • Project Plans, Milestones, and Client /AIQ Responsibilities
  • Seasoned Project Managers
  • Live Auctioneers Available and Monitoring Throughout the Process
  • Managed Supplier Communications
  • Managed Supplier Questions
  • Monitor Progress in Real Time
  • Supplier Management
  • Post RFP Oversight to Implement Savings
  • Tech Support for Suppliers
  • Supplier Training and Guidance
  • Implementation Monitoring / Support

Sample Projects

  • Bespoke Competitive Events (any Combination of the Below Items)
  • Auctions, RFP’s and Exchanges (On Line, Reverse, Forward, Hybrid)
  • Traditional or Online Negotiations
  • In-Contract Negotiations
  • Large Scale Complex Global Multi-National Sourcing Projects


  • Drill Down Reporting of Auction Results
  • Drill Down Ranking by Sub-Category
  • Drill Down to Granular Side-by-Side Details
  • Drill Down Comparisons of Select Suppliers
  • Keep Incumbent Reports
  • Custom Scenario Reports
  • Un-bid Items and Anomalies Report
  • Bidder Behavior Reports
  • Un-bid Items and Anomalies Report

Analysis, Audit and Optimization


  • Expert Data Mining Capability
  • Needs-Analysis and Baseline Formation
  • Demand Set Normalization
  • Current Process Improvements
  • Inventory Creation and Management
  • Re-purposing, Disconnection, or Re-allocation of Resources
  • Consumption Management
  • Traffic Engineering and Global/Local/National Routing

Sample Projects

  • Billing Audits
  • Contract Optimization
  • Licensing Optimization
  • Network Audits
  • Overcharge Recovery
  • Pre and Post Project Billing Audit
  • Supplier Consolidation
  • Re-deployment of Existing Assets
  • Utilization Optimization


  • Cash Flows
  • Comparison of Contracts to Invoices
  • Cumulative Savings
  • Custom Scenarios
  • Detailed Comparisons
  • Detailed Consumption Inventory
  • Low or Zero Use Identification
  • Billing Error Identification
  • Overcharges Identification
  • Overuse Identification
  • Possible Abuse Identification
  • Possible Fraud Identification
  • Problematic Contract Terms Identification
  • Stranded Inventory Identification
  • Side By Side Supplier Comparisons

Contract Management


  • Contract Enforcement Support
  • Contract Creation
  • Identify Risks, Liabilities and Leverage for Contract Strategy
  • Remediation and Work-Out Capabilities

Sample Projects

  • Contract Audits
  • Contract Optimization
  • Post-Project Inventory and Billing Audit
  • Traditional or Online Negotiations
  • High Dollar, Complex, Global, High-Risk/Return Analysis
  • High Volume, Multi-National Concurrent Contract Negotiations
  • Telecom and IT Contract SME
  • Contract Negotiations / Support


  • Audit to Bids to Billing Comparison
  • Contract Catalog
  • Contract Liabilities
  • Contract Situational Analysis
  • Contract Termination Analysis
  • Red-Lined Audit of Contract to Offer and Concession Comparison

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