Hi, We’re AuctionIQ

We provide excellent financial results with improved operational flexibility and performance.

Knowledge, Experience, Expertise; That’s the IQ

AIQ specializes in performing global/local/in-country telecommunications and IT services savings and management projects through the application of its unique tools and business processes. Services include inventory discovery, reverse auctions, market comparable creation and global procurement events.

What drives us

AIQ helps replace doubt with certainty by reducing risks involving security; risks of paying too much; and risks which arise from operating inefficient and hard to manage networks.

AIQ helps clients perform complex telecommunications network analysis & IT Services, inventories and contract negotiations. As a result, Clients better understand their network & IT Service costs and inventory so they can more effectively manage the cost. For 30 years, AIQ has provided the “IQ” necessary for Fortune 500 companies and other global enterprises to improve their security while increasing their internal rate of return while liberating capital. Clients use the resulting savings to fund improved services and infrastructure then return increased profits to the business.

Our Goal

We aim is to quickly identify, quantify, report on, and deliver maximum cost reductions for its clients without reducing client capabilities or quality.

Our Focus

Our consultants are focused on increasing their client’s leverage and maximizing the competition to deliver quick and meaningful results.

Our Pursuit

We aim to establish an invaluable relationship with its clients that provides compelling, mutually profitable, and otherwise unobtainable results.

We Get IT

We understand that, as one Fortune 500 client told us, “IT and Telecom departments plan their strategies on a calendar, but upper management measures timelines with a stopwatch.”

AIQ Leadership

Over 30 years running – specialized technology and business knowledge is embodied in the experience of these AuctionIQ Consultants:

AIQ CEO – Brad Buxton
Brad Buxton
AuctionIQ COO – Mark Conklin
Mark Conklin
Ashli Buxton – AIQ CAO
Ashli Buxton
AIQ Principal - Bruce Hallberg
Bruce Hallberg
Principal; Director, Analysis & IT
Sam Aleiwe
Principal; Director of Business Operations
Christopher Jones

We Would Love to Chat

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